Working Remotely in Finance

If you’re wondering how to remotely access key financial data, then you’re not alone; this is a common question the TES team are asked!

Working Remotely in Finance

In order to successfully navigate the uncertain economic landscape, finance leaders need to increase collaboration with the wider operational team members, while also gaining greater accuracy and control over the increasing amount of data they have available. By doing so, they can develop better insight into future performance, giving decision-makers the critical information needed to manage risk.

Currently, many education focused tools are not suitable for this progressive approach. Modern finance leaders are adopting advanced tools with intelligent machine learning and AI to reach this outcome.

Innovative finance systems with TES

Total Enterprise Solutions can equip you with Microsoft Business Central, so you can have visibility into the entire organisation while on the move. Whether your staff are working remotely or in the office, they’ll have access to real-time, high-quality and accurate data via a centralised integrated financial management solution with access to purpose-built tools

Improved forecast accuracy

With Business Central, you can gain comprehensive data modelling and analysis with highly customisable reports and seamless Microsoft Excel integration – all sharable through Microsoft Outlook at a click of a button.

Secure data management

With Microsoft Data Centre Encryption, your data is automatically protected from unauthorised access whilst you handle, store and transmit important data across your organisation regardless of where you are located or the device you are on.

Consistency for clarity

With a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, you can get the same user experience no matter how you access Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central – whether that be on a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet device.

Get expert finance management solutions

If you want to ditch your backwards-looking finance system for a forward-thinking finance management system, then get in touch with TES.

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Working Remotely in Finance