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Ten benefits of powering your organisation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365 BC) is a cloud based all in one business management solution, which enables customers to upgrade from their entry level accounting software, or legacy ERP system to a single complete solution to manage finances, operations, sales and customer service.

This week’s TES blog is giving you ten benefits to powering your organisation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

 1.      This is the latest in a lengthy line of proven, effective ERP systems. With a solid foundation of over twenty years, and millions of dollars of investments. The expertise of Business Central is from the strong history of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft’s technological innovation. Together you know you’re getting a system you can rely on.

2.      Quick ROI. Unlike the traditional ERP systems, the user can provision the server in the cloud, and in a couple of hours the application is ready to go. The reduction in implementation time and simplified configuration, reduces issues and gets the software deployed, meaning you are utilising its benefits quicker and easier.

 3.      Total integration with the Microsoft Stack. All the applications like PowerApps, Flow, Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, and customer interactions, seamlessly integrate giving you that 360-degree view of your business. Power BI dashboards give you real time visual data of your finance performance.

 4.      Those innovative upgrades, without the hassle. Going forward Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrades, will not require installation and the cost associated with that. Meaning you’ll never need a dramatic digital transformation again.

 5.      Point to point connections between D365 BC and a third-party solution or service (through Connect Apps) ensures seamless integration between your services and D365 BC. Easily bringing your services together by leveraging D365 BC and giving you an integrated service to meet all of your needs.

 6.      Complete Flexibility – D365 BC is the contemporary way to do business. Allowing industry specific functionalities that compliments the cloud technology. Total flexibility, scalability that fits your business now, tomorrow and in the future, it grows as you do.

 7.      Mould it to ease your compliance regulations. Meet your compliance regulations and requirements by moulding D365 BC to fit them exactly. Complemented with the Azure cloud security benefits, and your partner like TES who are ISO 27001 approved, your system has never been so secure and compliant.

 8.      Industry specific, solution focused. D365 BC is a complete end to end solution. Every organisation has its own industry specific areas in which no ERP would meet all their needs, and if they would it wouldn’t be streamlined. D365 BC boasts an Embed App feature allowing you to extend and customise Business Central applications, enhancing that industry specific area you need, allowing for a better relationship, focused on services and functionality.

9.      AppSource compatible. Log in and plug in any AppSource apps. Everything from Microsoft, and third-party creators make these to simplify your business processes. They all configure and easily plug into your D365 BC system. 

 10.   Spread the cost – D365 BC is a SaaS application bringing lower software licenses. Never pay for a license you don’t use, as software licenses can be added or removed as required. No server maintenance is needed, eradicating that labour cost. This payment model means you pay monthly rather than a large up-front license fee.

 If you would like to see if Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is right for your organisation drop me an email at Samantha.shaw@totalenterprisesolutions.co.uk