Digital Transformation Challenges for NFPs

Digital Transformation is changing the way many NFPs operate for the better, streamlining systems and making data easier to understand. However, we understand that migrating systems can be a daunting prospect.

Here at TES, our team has years of experience with implementing Digital Transformation systems for NFPs and know how difficult it can be. We understand the challenges you may be facing and can work with you to ensure the transition to new systems goes as smoothly as possible and you are supported throughout the entire Digital Transformation process. Here we look at just a few of the challenges NFPs have flagged to us:

Outdated Incumbent Systems

We regularly hear from NFPs whose incumbent systems are out of date and take this as an opportunity to upgrade existing operations to more ‘modern’, cloud-based ways of working, with Finance and CRM systems such as Business Central and Dynamics 365 respectively.

In addition to TES providing services to meet the needs of your immediate project, your organisation will also be able to speak with our Customer Success Team to develop a longer-term IT strategy. This ensures that the Digital Transformation system deployed is not only fit for purpose now but is also future-proofed and developed in the context of where your organisation aims to be in years to come.

Many organisations also find that their incumbent systems are heavily customised, creating a blocker to routine vendor upgrades. TES will carry out a comparison analysis to determine elements that can be replaced by standard functions in the new system.

Too Many Choices

Charities aspiring to undergo a Digital Transformation can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. As a sector specialist, with a complete portfolio of relevant products and services, TES represents an option that can effectively fast-track the technology evaluation process.

The project implementation methodology used by TES offers an initial phase of standard product training familiarisation. After this process you are able to choose requirements from an informed position of solution capabilities. This approach means that customisations are only performed where absolutely necessary, and this reduces the risk and cost elements of the project. TES is also able to propose complimentary technologies and add-ons from a proven catalogue of options that we have previously implemented at similar organisations.

Existing Legacy Data

If you find that the legacy data you need to carry over into the new system is unstructured, then fear not. The experienced Business Analysis team at TES are able to analyse and understand the existing information, and then map this to the capabilities of the new system. The migration process can involve complex data transformations and provides an opportunity for data cleansing. No matter what position your existing data or system are in, TES understands these challenges and knows how to solve them.

Existing System Integrations

If your IT system is required to interface with existing business systems, such as the website, donation, stock fulfilment systems, etc., it can create technical challenges. However, the extensive Digital Transformation experience of the TES team ensures that all required integrations are implemented effectively and accurately.

Generally, TES do not take the approach of replacing existing code on a like-for-like basis, but instead implement their proprietary interface framework which enables your organisation to consolidate all interface scenarios into a single output. This provides for much more efficient administration and operation of the interfaces, and staff have a single point of visibility of all system interface activity and robust mechanisms for data mapping and exception handling.

We Are the Experts

Total Enterprise Solutions understands how difficult it can be to find a Digital Transformation partner that has both the technical capabilities to deliver a solution, but also the cultural fit for working within the NFP sector. TES has had an exclusive focus on the NFP sector for over 15 years, and in that time, we have evolved a culture, team and way of working which aligns well with charitable and NFP organisations.

To find out more about how Total Enterprise Solutions can help your charity, NFP or organisation make your Digital Transformation transition easier, or to find out more about our charity solutions such as Fundraising, Charity VAT or Volunteer Management, contact us today.

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Digital Transformation Challenges for NFPs